Located in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls at 4660 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2E 2L8   905 321 9499

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Fae Nature is the Niagara Region's most unique shop featuring

the creative works of Canadian elemental artist

Torena Gardner-Durdle

and Local Guest Artists


          Everything in the shop is a

          100% original and a one of

          a kind item.

         Everything is hand made,

         no molds or casts are ever

         used, just natural materials

         and objects found in nature.

         The nature items have been

         loving collected throughout

         the Niagara...

Fae Nature is not just

a shop but an Enchanting experience!

"It's like entering another world!" , "

this is incredible" and "WOW" are

common statements over heard

by visitors to the shop who marvel

at the shop's interior.

Featuring a full sized house that

serves as the "wee workshop", a

12 foot pixie tree and a 26 foot

forest guardian named :Roots"

all covered and surrounded by

trees, ferns and a wishing well

it truly is like entering into a far

away realm...

Our Unique Signature Lines of Handmade Items...


A unique shopping experience