Fae Nature is the Niagara Region's most unique shop featuring

the creative works of Canadian elemental artists

Torena Gardner-Durdle and C. Arthur Pew.


Everything in the shop is a 100% original and a one of a kind item. Everything is hand              

              made, no molds or casts are ever used, just natural materials and objects found in nature.

              The nature items have been loving collected along trails throughout the Niagara Escarpment, each    

                     carefully cleaned and re-worked into creative works of art from the faery realm.

Our home away from home is our "Wee Workshop".

Here is where all the magic happens!

Built with 85% recycled, repurposed and found materials, the "hobbit-like" house serves as our artist studio and is the centre piece of our shop.

With sloping roofs, crooked windows and hidden details here and there, it on it's own, is a site to behold! Of course the roof leaks, but we've got "someone" on it!

But the fae folk don't live there....they have their own special place, lovingly referred to as the "Pixie Tree House". This stunning 12 foot tree with branches that stretch across the entire shop, has 11 rooms inside for you to peer into and see how the wee folk live. Detailed miniatures lit up have been eliciting "ooo's and ahhh's" from young and old alike!  The tree contains two bedrooms, a nursery, livingroom, library, artist studio, spiral staircase, bakers kitchen, a fairy dust factory and an "odds and sodds" room for all those found objects the wee folk keep bringing home!

Overlooking the shop and all it's inhabitats, is our  Guardian of the Forest aptly named "Roots".  This friendly giant sits quietly in the corner watching the world go by. If he were to stand up, he'd be 26 feet tall! But since he LOVES little children, especially when they laugh, he just sits still as to not scare them.

The shop also has a very special and rare, Faery Wishing Well......known as a "Penny Well" by the fae folk. It has been blessed by the Faeries as they are very appreciative that we donate all the well wishes to our friends at Heartland Forest, a local nature park that is wheelchair accessible and community minded.