Up Coming Events

Monday April 23rd, 2018

7:00pm-9:00pm             $30.00

Everything in the Universe is made up of sound, light, vibration. 
It is scientifically proven that sound affects our consciousness, our vibration. It can uplift, heal, soothe, awaken and inspire. 
Sound has the ability to work on many levels, including assisting a person to awaken and reconnect with their Soul/Spirit/Higher Self, which is their true guide to navigating life and creating the reality that they truly desire to experience.

Sacred Sounds Of Love’  are a series of songs/frequencies that flow through Kay, and have shown to have the ability to open and expand the heart centre, instantaneously clearing energetic blockages, transform pain, restore inner harmony, all assisting a person to awaken to the magnificent being of divine love that they are and came here to be. 

Each song comes from her heart, divinely channelled and has been likened to ‘ pure liquid love"  The sounds are also known as Light Language. 

 Kay has been on an intense journey of awakening for the last 20 years.                         During this time many gifts/abilities have awoken within her and she has assisted thousands around the world with her unique expressions of them. Well known for her lyrical soothing voice in her guided meditations.  For a sample of Kay’s incredible voice visit  www.sacredsoundsoflove.com 

During this event, Kay will share more about her experiences and what these enchanting sounds can do. Then guide you into a deep relaxed space and share some of her Creations, along with offering a couple of well known mantras that you can then practice at home.

Seating is Limited - Call 905 321 9499 to reserve a spot.

Friday March 9th, 2018

7pm-9pm               $35.00

Come & experience the profound knowledge and spiritual guidance channeled by the spirit known as Zoltach during this time of profound energy transitions & rapid planetary change. Learn about yourself and your life's purpose from a universal perspective. This magical event of earthly evolution & education coupled with divine spiritual interpretation is not to be missed.


Join us as we explore the cosmic answers about our existence & the role we play in guiding future generations. Come & sit in the profound energy of this circle and exchange "soul code information" in it's many forms with the universal energy of Zoltach.


Guests are encouraged to bring crystals.... stones and personal items of their choice for Zoltach to charge with universal energy during circle time.


(Please note this is not a psychic reading but rather a topic based spiritual development circle where Zoltach will deliver universal teachings and understandings. Not every guest in attendance is guaranteed to get to ask questions of Zoltach but all guests are welcome to come and receive "Soul Code" information and the perfect healing energy needed during this time.)

* Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Rev. Sayge Whitesong is an international author, speaker, spiritual educator as well a Shaman who channels a 200 year old spirit called "Zoltach". Rev. Sayge regularly travels internationally holding "Universal Message Circles" where he channels the spirit Zoltach before live audiences who come for greater universal knowledge and understanding of thier lives on this planet.