Torena Gardner-Durdle
Also Known As : Tig, the Woodland Nymph

"Tig" as she  has been nick named in the faery world has been a nature lover and artist all her life. Initially a sculptor, she has been painting for the past 25 years, until one day she turned to her love of nature for inspiration while on a hike with her young daughter, repeating the stories of faeries, goblins,



brownies and sprites, that she grew up with, an idea suddenly took shape. It seemed only natural to combine her love of the mystical world of the "wee folk" , nature and sculpture.  

"I grew up with a great respect for nature. It is something to be in awe of  and protect.was always such fun growing up looking for wee fae homes in the  woods and forests in Niagara. So when I had my daughter, it only seemed right to instill the same values in her. Only  I took it a step further in creating wee homes and hiding them in the forest for her discovery. The pure delight in her eyes as she found one got me hooked and wanting to create more to share that wonderful feeling."  


With an artist's eye, she began to see forms and shapes in nature that lent themselves to becoming weefolk abodes. Following traditional stories of the Fae, Forest Friends and other mystical wee folk as her guide, she began creating not only homes and the creatures themselves but also is developing a series of books for children to share the wonder of the wee world.

"My daughter often comes with me on our "scavaging hunts  " for materials to use for wee homes. But we

have a rule...


          For everything you take from nature, 

        you must give something back in return.


So we go home with our treasures, create a special

little home and return to where we collected from,

our way of saying `thank you` to the forest and

creatures there in. "    

So if you ever see a wee home in the forest, look at it, enjoy it but leave it be for our forest friends, cause you never know who lives in the woods!

Hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!


C. Arthur Pew
Also Known As : Tophur, the Sparrowman

With the middle name of Arthur, Christopher Arthur Pew grew up with a close and natural connection to the world of lore and magick of the ancient world. With Welsh, Scottish  and Norwegian heritage, he explored art from a variety of influences and sources. As an established fine artist, he never let go of his roots and

his passion for nature, lore and magick. One day in 2012, he created his first fae house and instantly was connected back to not only his heritage, but to another aspect of his creativity.

"I love paint. The human body. The form and the lines, but when I created my first Fae house, I felt something that I had not felt before with any other artform. I was transported back to a place and time, long before me or my experience. It just felt right. It felt like home. I made more and more, and soon others were repsonding. It started out as a feeling, but soon developed into a passion. I feel as though I have connected with my roots and magick with each piece."  


Christoper's work tends to deviate into the bizarre and the dark aspects of Fae, as he takes the standard structure of a house and twists it, turns it, and shapes it into somehting that leaves one wondering how a being could possibly live or enter such a place. But Pew describes his feelings about such comments:

"I have personal experiences with the Fae on a level that can only be described as 'abstract' in nature.  I have always seen them as being twisted, bizarre, non-comformists to how I would see the world. Doing the houses and sculptures and other art pieces allows me to bring forward a more mischevious, a darker construct of the Fae world that often gets ignored. We have all seen the Twinkle Fairy, popularized, franchized, version of the fae, but they are so rich with diversity. Why not show all their sides in a piece of art?"

Lost your keys? Can't find that important piece of paper you need? Fae are not just Tinkle Bellish, they work with elements. They will lose those keys and documents to make you look at something more important.

You'll see them, if you believe you'll see them,